Episode 24: Mystical Maven Tracy* Talley

Heather Newman:  Hello everyone, here we are again for another Mavens Do It Better podcast. I am thrilled to have a wonderful friend on the phone today. Her name is Tracy Talley and she owns a super cool business and I have used her services now a few times. She's a numerologist, I would say she plays in the mystical, Taro and uh, she does a lot around, you know, looking into who you are with numbers and um, I love talking to her and love working with her. So welcome to the pod.

Tracy Talley:  Yay. Thank you Heather. I'm really happy to be here and I appreciate all of your descriptive words.

Heather Newman:  Wonderful. Where are you coming to us today from?

Tracy Talley:  At the moment, I am in Portland, Oregon.

Heather Newman:  Yeah. And I am. I am actually home in Marina del Rey, so that's kind of, so we're both in our home offices. And we were just saying, you know, no video because when you work from home sometimes you know you're a, I'm not in a bathrobe but you know, definitely comfortable.

Tracy Talley:  Skirting the edge perhaps.

Heather Newman:  Awesome. So we were introduced by a mutual friend Priscilla who, shout out to Priscilla love, wonderful goddess, and tell everybody a little bit about your business and how you got started in the numerology and mystical realms.

Tracy Talley:  Thank you. Um, I was a teenager like we all were and I have a great grandmother who read tea leaves and my grandmother, this is my maternal grandmother, um, inherited a few books on mystical things such as astrology, creative visualization and um, you know, some of the things that are kind of coming about in the Victorian era. And I started to look at these books when I was about 14 or 15 and was immediately captivated and kind of catapulted really into all things mystical. Um, there was just this really deep desire to know more about world, kind of emotions, the human condition and how we can inform the landscape of our lives with mysticism and just the power of numerology and Tarot and astrology and old mystery school teachings, because there are things that we can't quite, none of us really truly understand, but we all kind of interpret and inherently know. I do think everybody has the gift too. Yeah. So, here I am.

Heather Newman:  That's cool. Yeah. So your spark came from your grandmother.

Tracy Talley:  Yes.

Heather Newman:  That's awesome. Yeah, I think that and that, that time, that Victorian time, was the time when I think that those sorts of things really started. I mean, obviously there's been seers and holders of oral traditions and you know, um, depending on the Gods you worship and all of those sorts of things, you know, over time. But I think the Victorian area, definitely the things that came out of that were what are our modern day astrology and Tarot and all of that. Um, and so talk about, uh, so tell everybody, not everybody may know like, what is numerology?

Tracy Talley:  So, numerology is probably my favorite of the mystical things that I study because numbers are in everything and I mean that as far as whether, you know, clock faces, the measurements of things. Um, there's always dimension and depth to, you know, both human beings, animals, structures, you know, the animate and the inanimate in life can somehow be measured. So therefore numbers are always with us and they always have their own voice. Numerology in your personal life is calculated and kind of born and explained primarily from your birth date. The rest of the numbers will come from the numerological value of the vowels and the consonants in your name. So, yeah, and all of them have their own meanings really based on scale one to nine, one being the youth and nine being the elder. So you can even say, you know, the inexperienced versus the experienced,

Heather Newman:  Right. Yeah. And you know, kind of in the vein of numerology where each of the numbers, one through nine represents something and then there's some special numbers as well, right? That are outside of one through nine and 11. Yeah?

Tracy Talley:  Exactly. You remember well. And 22.

Heather Newman:  Yeah. And you know, in any of these, you know, if you're looking at astrology or Tarot, or numerology. You know, there's lots of base in, you know, each of the signs, right, they also have houses and those houses mean something for the different Sun signs of astrological chart. And then same, same with Tarot with the major. Is it Arcana or Arcana?

Tracy Talley:  I really think it's open to interpretation. Most often I hear Arcana.

Heather Newman:  Arcana, yeah, so major and minor, right? So, those each have an interpretation and numbers that go along with them. And so I think. Do you find the relationship between those influence each other? They come from similar places. How, like how different are they? Just in your study because you study all of them, right?

Tracy Talley:  Right. I feel like they're all complimentary, especially Tarot, astrology and numerology. Um, I feel like, again, if you were to look at the numbers as the fundamental piece, we also see that just as you stated in the major Arcana, as well as the minor Arcana and the Tarot, we're going to have one through 22, uh, you know, and wow, there goes another, there's a correlation right there is that the 22nd card of the major Arcana, right? Which is a master number in numerology. Uh, as well as through the minor Arcana, up to 78. Those will all be lower echoes of the major Arcana so then whatever life path you might have, one through nine, 11 or 22 will have corresponding cards or archetypes in all of the suits. And then astrology, just as you said again, we have the 12 houses and then we're also, you could even get into the minutia of the degrees.

Heather Newman:  Oh, my goodness.

Tracy Talley:  I know. It's the coordinates. Right? What time were you born? If you were born at 11:00 AM, then the 11 is going to hold some significance there too, much as if you were born on the 11th day of a month etcetera.

Heather Newman:  Right. So if you were born on 11/22 or you know, all of that. Yeah. No I, I, and with the numerology because that's one of the things that we've done together is um, will you talk about sort of the differences between the sort of readings you do because you know, we did sort of the initial one and then I guess maybe I'll call it a tune up if you will, recently to look at to look at those things. Will you talk about that and how those are different and what, what's that about?

Tracy Talley:  Yes. I recommend and one of my favorite readings is I call it the Code Reading and that consists of four numbers. These are all personal and they are again calculated from birth date and numerological values in consonants and vowels in your name. The first one is the life lesson number. The second number is the soul number, the third number is the personality number, which is akin to the rising sign in astrology, and the fourth number is your destiny number. So I always like to appoint key words to those four numbers. The life lesson number is what you're here to learn. Soul number is what you arrived here already knowing. The personality number is who you are to others, how you're perceived, and the destiny number is what you are here to do. So learn, know, are, do. We complete the initial code reading then what we can do is we can build on a forecast reading and this is where we get more in depth and maybe even have a little bit more fun. What we'll do is we're going to map out a personal year, everybody's birthday begins a new 12 months cycle.

Heather Newman:  This is my favorite part.

Tracy Talley:  And it's a good part.

Heather Newman:  I've written about this and said, I learned this from you. So I love, I love this part. So go ahead I love this part.

Tracy Talley:  Yes, and I think people should be excited. Um, you know, the night before your birthday, I always call that your New Year's Eve, so it's kind of saying farewell to the personal year that you just had. And then also welcoming with open arms, new eyes and opportunity the year that's coming in. Uh, when you are doing a forecast reading, then what we'll do is we'll calculate your 12 months ahead and that will be the personal year that will also be, there are three, four month periods that all have a numerological vibration as well as each month inside the year will also have its own. If we even wanted to go a step further each day. So you will have 365 days of different numbers and that's, you know, those are for the die hards.

Heather Newman:  The deep, the deep.

Tracy Talley:  So yeah, and then there's a half birthday illumination, so that's for people that kind of want, I think that's like you said, a tune-up. If you come to your half birthday and you're like, I really just kind of want to talk about what's happened so far and maybe touch base and get a refreshing perspective on the last six months of my personal year. Those are great too, to just kind of come in and check in. Um, yeah, those are, those are primarily the three readings. There's also a big one where you can do the whole kit-and-caboodle, which is, you'll do the code reading and then you'll also capitalize on that by getting a forecast at the same time.

Heather Newman:  Right. Yeah, no, that's, yeah, I think that was the first one that we did and yeah. So I recently had a tune up because my, my, you know, year, my birthday is July 18th and so as you know, and so mine was January 18th that just happened and it was fun to dip into that with Tracy and I like how you put it, you, you called it, you know, the, the going to your summit as well. you know, that you kind of work from your birthday till your half birthday and that's kind of the summit and then you make hay kind of like, if you will, out of sort of the things you've worked on till you renew again. Um, and depending on when your birthday is in the Gregorian calendar too, you know, how that sort of, how does that play off of it a little bit? What do you think?

Tracy Talley:  Well, I mean, that's an interesting question because I think there are a lot of people that might question numerology because there are different calendars. I've also had some people asked me, um, you know, what if, what if my name is French, right? Um, there are going to be different letters and different words and they are going to hold different values. These are all great questions. If I had been around in the twelfth century with Pythagoras, it's quite possible he had more of a universal system. But, uh, you know, again, I love what I do. I also always want to cast it as novelty. So it's a nice supplement and guide to illustrate in a more colorful way how we live our life, who we are and possibly where we're going and if you can let it be that kind of entertainment and insight, I do think you get the most out of it.

Heather Newman:  Yeah, I agree. I mean, for me when it, it's fun, you know, and it's all about you, you know? Yes. Is it a construct of numbers and things that, you know, somebody created and came up with? Sure. But at the same time, I mean, there's so many things in life that are right? That you buy into and, but it is one of those things that I really enjoy, you know, astrology as well. Um, but numerology, how you described it about, you know, that there are numbers and everything and that it is truly about when you were born and your name and all of that. And so it's this sort of dive into kind of your own personal space in the world as it relates to this construct or this, you know, this system, if you will. And I just, I do. I find it fun. You know, I do. Do you get people that are, I would assume the people that sort of come to you and ask you to do this kind of thing. Do you have people that ask you and then they're like, I don't believe in any of this stuff or you know what I mean? Or do you have, is it mostly people that are like, oh, I love it. Yeah, let's do this. You know?

Tracy Talley:  Actually, I mean, that's a good question. There's a combination. I'll definitely have some skeptics, but those skeptics are absolutely leaning towards the wanting to believe and are often referred by, you know, close friends or family who really loved the work. Um, I think too though, I really like, I like reading for people that are more skeptical because they ask very interesting questions and they ask the kinds of questions that challenged my own knowledge. And maybe even in that moment help me give them a kind of guidance that I hadn't, you know, perspectives that I hadn't yet arrived at.

Heather Newman:  That's interesting because I don't know, it's like I, I sometimes call myself a skeptic-believer. You know what I mean? I'm always like, I don't know if I trust you, but I like what you're saying, you know what I mean? Especially with this stuff too. And I think, I mean, I also would assume that you probably get people who are going through something too, you know? That it's, that it is a kinship to major changes in somebody's life or something has happened. Um, and it, and sometimes it's just, you know, here's a fun birthday present for a girlfriend or a friend, a guy or whatever. You know what I mean? So there's, I'm sure combination. Do you find that it's more on either side, one or the other of those?

Tracy Talley:  There are a lot of people, especially with the forecast, as you can imagine. Heather, I do ask clients when they come to me for a forecast to have their calendars, have goals and dreams and perhaps you know, everything is a best-laid plan. You know, I want to hear about what you want to manifest and achieve. (Inaudible) the year when the best time is to do that and those, you know, that definitely lends itself to people that (break) I had a client last year who wanted to leave her husband, and was, you know, a burgeoning painter and was really confident that she could somehow make a livelihood for herself through her painting. But she had been financially dependent on her husband and obviously was reluctant and a little bit scared because she didn't quite know, Gosh, you know, do I do all these things at once? Is it possible? Is it smart? So there's one example and you know, we looked, we looked at her year and though she may have felt an immediacy in wanting to make her decisions, we ended up going, looking at the year and saying, actually it's better if you wait another six months because of how the numbers looked. And I've been in touch with her again and so far it's worked well for her and she's landed somewhere safely and she's working through her transition. But yeah, things like that, you know, moving house, especially if people are moving out of the country or to another state, if they want to take a new job, ask for a raise, you know? There are people too, especially a lot of women who if they want to meet somebody,

Heather Newman:  Right.

Tracy Talley:  You know, and again, it's like best laid plans and, and a positivity. But I also think with all this work, you've got to stay realistic and we all have to champion our own needs.

Heather Newman:  Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, there's no magic secret sauce, right? I mean, to any of,

Tracy Talley:  No. Why don't we invent it and make the ten million dollars.

Heather Newman:  Oh, the secret is..., right? Or the, you know, what is that? The meaning of life number is 42. Right? Um, all of that. Now that's interesting. Yeah. Because, you know, people are always seeking guidance and they find it in many different places. And I was watching that show the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is so good and love it. And it was, I was giggling because I was watching, you know, the mom, like, you know, she was like going to a different part of town to go in and see, you know, a reader, a seer, to, you know, to read the tea leaves. And it was, you know, she was like, don't tell anybody I'm here and Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. You know? And there is, I think there is some of that stigma about it and I think it's different and not as it was, but I definitely think that, I think, I don't know. Do you feel that people are sometimes just afraid or closed off to that kind of thing because they, I don't know, maybe they don't want to tap into the subconscious or the mystic or the, I don't know, you know?

Tracy Talley:  I do. I feel like the biggest thing that's remained through the stigma, because I do think more people, you know, it's coming around again, mysticism is in vogue. But what's definitely stayed is the mystery. You know, the veil across all of it. Because again, I mean, none of us really know where this stuff came from, if it works, but it's fascinating because of that reason and so people will continue to seek it out. Uh, you know, still though, there's a lot of snake charmers. There are of course certain people that don't want anyone to know that there are perhaps going to these really gifted readers for information that's going to help inform what they do next, especially if it's an important decision. But there's, there are people too that use it as what it should be used as, which is a resource. It's just, it's a different kind of depth.

Heather Newman:  Right. Do you feel. Because I mean, we've talked about, there are numbers that are important in my life and you know what those are and we've talked about that before where it's not just, it's like things happen. It's sort of births, deaths, anniversaries, whatever, all of that stuff. And I think, I know for me, I've sort of always had that, but I didn't maybe put my finger on it until we did our reading and I was like, oh my goodness, you know, these are the days when things happen in my life. I know and I keep saying that I don't play the lottery enough on those numbers and I probably should do it more.

Tracy Talley:  Yeah, it can't hurt.

Heather Newman:  Yeah. But I think. Do you feel like that once you sort of open yourself up to that, you start seeing it in everything?

Tracy Talley:  Yes. I think um, you know, those are those little feathers we put in our hat. When you see a number all the time there is significance to that number and not only maybe that what it might universally mean, but ultimately what it means to you. What is happening when you see this number, when you hear this number, when you know this number is a part of this moment in your life that you're witnessing what, what is the deeper meaning as you know it? And then you put that up against what else might be known about it. And you come up with your own cocktail of reasoning and magic about what it possibly could be suggesting to you.

Heather Newman:  Yeah. I like that. I just find it, because I do find that, you know, when I meet somebody I, when I've figure out what their birthday is and I really connect with them, it usually falls on one of those numbers or something or something about them or a kid of theirs or whatever. Or you know, it's, it's very funny that way. I don't know.

Tracy Talley:  I thought I'd ask you too, as you know, really kind of a mega business woman empire that you are. How do you know, how often might you hear of or see people using, you know, mysticism, you know, or let's even just call it modern fortune telling like the, like the Egyptian Pharaohs did, or even President Reagan and Nancy had an astrologer. Um, how often do you see that in big business, if at all?

Heather Newman:  I see it. I don't see it usually out front. Um, I see it a lot in personal relationships I have with people, you know, for a while I did a lot of executive handling when I was doing logistics for events and I think more of that was there and also ritual, like things you do before you speak and uh, your favorite pair of socks and that kind of thing. And um, and so I saw that, that kind of thing there. I also, you know, once you get talking to people and it comes up, for whatever reason, or, you know, because I talk about it in the things that I write and all of that stuff, you know, I'll have people ask me about it, you know, and it's, you know, CEOs to whoever, you know, they're like, that kind of intrigued me, you know, who does that or where did you, or how, how does that play in your life and that sort of thing. So, but it's usually more of somebody's heard me talking about it. And I think it sort of in sports, I think they're, you know, I have a few friends who are athletes and I think it definitely is there. There's more sort of like a superstition in that and even in entertainment. People especially who are performing there's a lot of that, you know, what they do before they go on and that kind of thing. I see it definitely there. And then there's some people I know that, you know, I know that they pull a Tarot card every morning or they'll do a, you know, the three, the set of three as well. And there's been a lot of talk. I've seen more people in the world paying attention to the full moons, you know, we had, we had so many interesting things happen in the last year or so with eclipses and you know, the blood moon and things happening only, you know, once in a, ha ha, blue moon. It seems to me more people are talking about those things than, than they have in the past, you know?

Tracy Talley:  Yeah.

Heather Newman:  It could be the Zeitgeist of our time. I don't know, you know, the landscape of our world with, you know, depending on whatever you believe, but you know, the negative 50 that's happening in Minneapolis today, polar vortexes and hurricanes and all that stuff. I think there's a need for the mystic and the centering and the looking into self of things that are about you in addition to whatever religion you happen to practice or not, or your spirituality practices or not so. So yeah, that's kind of where I see it, where I have seen it. I guess

Tracy Talley:  When they need just a little something extra. Especially to echo your point, talking about, you know, not only the climate of the world but the political climate. You know, even just how busy people are. It's like this thing that you can do independently of anything else. Even if we sit quietly for five minutes and we ask our higher self a question, you know, the mystical definitely, those are again, those resources or tools they're instruments to getting deeper with our higher self. So it makes sense to me too that it's not out front. Right? It's really kind of beautiful that it's not.

Heather Newman:  Yeah, I think, you know, meditation I think has become a huge piece of, especially with the apps, you know, you've got a ton of apps that are, you know, about meditation that are about shutting off your social media for certain amount of time a day and that sort of thing. So I think that connection to higher self, and a grounding. I know that for me, I dabbled in meditation I would say and I've had it become more a part of my life and I really, it's changed so much for me and especially before I go on and speak, you know, and not being in the rabble of, you know, everybody backstage and stuff. Like I usually am trying to like, I'm going to go away for 10 minutes and I'll be back, you know, kind of thing. And I see more and more people doing that sort of thing for sure more than ever. You know? I think there was probably a, you know, when Yoga really came into the United States, I think there was like a push around that and, but I see, you know, I have friends that teach Reiki and you know, mantras and mutras and all of that stuff. Especially, okay, I live in California. I mean, you live in Oregon. We're pretty crunchy, right? So, you know?

Tracy Talley:  West coast.

Heather Newman:  Yup, west coast. So I think there's a tendency to see that more here. But I do feel like even with like my niece and nephew that I, you know, we've talked about meditation and I think one time I was like, if you meditate for 10 minutes with me, I'll take you into town and buy you a book. And they're like, whatever, you know. And they did it with me, you know, they wiggled around but you know, and they're like, you know, kids under ten and, you know, eight. But, but I think there's something about that moment of, of namaste of, you know, and then having all the cool stuff that you know, you have with numbers and Tarot and astrology around it, that understanding. I don't know how you remember all that stuff. First of all,

Tracy Talley:  I think some people have, you know, some people learn languages, math, you know, memory retention. Some people are gifted with those things. I'm grateful that I'm one of them, but, you know, I think anybody that's, that has an ability to recognize patterns, and maybe track a certain kind of analysis. So everyone has a, everyone has special gifts and specialties. And also, right, it all comes through practice and mastery.

Heather Newman:  Right. Yeah. Yeah. Ten thousand hours, right? Is what they say.

Tracy Talley:  We can't all be the Beatles, but we can try.

Heather Newman:  That's where I got the word Maven from, was that book too that Tipping Point for sure.

Tracy Talley:  Malcolm Gladwell

Heather Newman:  He's the man. He's brilliant. Speaking of patterns, I mean that's something I think in numerology that , and it's, you know, it's something in everything where it's that pattern recognition, you know, and we talk a lot about that in technology too, you know, people who develop code and all of that stuff. And so there's that pattern recognition. I wonder, it would be interesting to know and think about somebody who's got a developer mind like that, how numerology would play with them, you know?

Tracy Talley:  Yeah. And I think, I think the biggest hurdle would be getting them to want to. Not just cast it off. So, and I'm sure there are software developers out there and , you know, computer science people that would be intrigued. But I also think that they'd want facts. And that's something that you can never really produce out of the mystical realms. So again, right, just like you said, you're going to have to be like a skeptic-believer.

Heather Newman:  Yeah, completely.

Tracy Talley:  To really come to a mystical person with technology and say, well, explain this.

Heather Newman:  Yeah, absolutely.

Tracy Talley:  That's an interesting idea too.

Heather Newman:  Yeah. And I think to me, the entering into the mystic, the higher consciousness, the higher self, that's where true creativity I think really comes from. And so if you are somebody who is building and a maker and a developer or whatever and it doesn't have to be computers, whatever. But like, even just the time, somebody was saying to me the other day that they basically, they don't work the last week of the month. Wow. And on Fridays. And I was like, how do you do that? You know? And they were like, I have to have time to be creative to get to my higher self, to have the brilliant ideas and I am unbelievably more productive. I was like, yeah, I was like, good on you. Yeah, I know. I was like, good on you. So anyway, well I'm going to, so couple things I want to ask you one more question, but um, I just wanted to tell our listeners that Tracy has offered a wonderful discount for those of you who would like to check out her numerology readings, the code and the year as well. And so it's 30 percent off is what you're giving?

Tracy Talley:  It is. Just for your listeners, Heather because you are awesome.

Heather Newman:  Thank you. That's so exciting. And we'll create the code and put the code in the.

Tracy Talley:  Yes, the code is MAVENSDOITBETTER.

Heather Newman:  Perfect.

Tracy Talley:  All one word and they will, if you put it in at checkout, you'll get your 30 percent and the website is themystical.life. And I hope that all of your listeners feel a desire and inspiration to come for a reading.

Heather Newman:  Yeah, I do too! Because it's totally awesome! So I guess the last question, so like I know it was with your grandmother and the tea leaves I guess what was that one moment where you dropped in, where you were like, Bam, this is what I want to do. This is the company, this is my thing.

Tracy Talley:  Um, well it's interesting. The kind of inception point is when I was given an astrology book when I was 14 by my grandmother and it, I still have it. It's a huge, thick hardbound reference book and it actually shows you how to draw your own natal chart. So, you know, all my pencils, my pens, my protractor, you know, I got a big bucket to make the perfect circle and I spent probably two days going down to the degrees to make my own birth chart. And it was a similar thing that happened with numerology and Tarot. With Tarot it was like getting my first deck. And with numerology it was, I think it all started with, there's a book called The Way of the Shaman. This is a book that's kind of required reading in mystery schools. And I started to, you know, cover that list. This kind of universal list and there are countless books on numerology and it was a similar thing where you're drawing a chart, you're drawing triangles and squares that correspond to different decades in your life. And so I got down on that and drew that and was just like, Holy Shit, this is incredible stuff! Everybody should do this. So, it all just kind of came together and I had, you know, lots of friends and kind of grassroots clients for years saying you need to make a website, you need to make a website, you need to do this. And then I did about 10 years ago and so it's been kind of up and running and growing and everything was word of mouth. I don't really advertise.

Heather Newman:  That's awesome. You're such a light and it's so cool to know you and what's cool, I don't know, there's so many cool things about you, but I just, with Tracy's knowledge and just to your nature of who you are and what you bring to the table, it's just, it's really, it's a lovely thing and I've really enjoyed it. So I just, I, I, yeah, I, I highly

Tracy Talley:  It's a reflection of you Heather.

Heather Newman:  Well, you're sweet but uh, yeah, so everybody, I'm Tracy Talley, The Mystical Life. Yeah? And

Tracy Talley:  themystical.life

Heather Newman:  themystical.life. And uh, we'll put the discount code up in the show notes as well, but it's MAVENSDOITBETTER for 30 percent off on a numerology reading. So that is super kind and thank you for that. So

Tracy Talley:  Thank you for having me on. It was lovely to be here.

Heather Newman:  Absolutely. All right everybody. That was another Mavens Do It Better podcast with our lovely guest Tracy Talley, cheers.

Tracy Talley:  Thank you.

Heather Newman:  Yeah. Thank you hun.


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